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I do not know when my addiction started, possibly I was all my life, although it would not be evident until many years after I was born, my first alcohol intakes were like those of most people, in adolescence when you start dating friends, to let you dance or meet girls at the disco.

When I was 21 years old I tried cocaine for the first time at a bachelor party, at that moment I think my addiction began to gain ground in my life, until that moment I was functioning more or less like a normal person, I took my studies and found a I had a steady job, I had a formal girlfriend, yes, on weekends, parties, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, funerals, in practically everything that surrounded my life I was already accompanied by alcohol or any other substance.

At 30 the worst was yet to come, married and with a son I made my first attempt to quit my addiction, I had everything, wife, son, home, job, money, car, motorcycle, I did not need drugs in my life to be happy, ERROR, I could not, I suffered several abstinences, I thought I was dying, and even so I would relapse again, any excuse would do, a raise in salary, a celebration, I sold myself the idea that for a day nothing was happening, but It wasn’t like that, it was trying it and I plummeted, and faster and faster, that’s how I spent several years, from relapse to relapse, in between depressions, which provided me with drugs to continue feeding my addiction, while I went from relapse to relapse my Relationships deteriorated, the family separated from me, rather I separated them, to be able to take it easy, my wife gave me an ultimatum, I missed work and could not look my son in the face, or attend him correctly, the end can be imagine it, I lost my wife, my house, my job, my family, almost p I lost the most important thing, my son and my life.

My last weekend as an active addict, I was in a flat that I had for sale with my ex-wife, and I saw myself there, me and the only thing that did not abandon me, the bottle and the cocaine.

It was that weekend, when being at the top, something encouraged me to try one more time, I had lost everything and an idea settled in my head, I want to see my son grow up and if it were possible to recover everything he had lost , (Yes, this sounds like other times when being fatal you say to yourself, never again); But this time it was different, I called my brothers for help, they took me to a farm, one of those with a shepherd in charge and animals to take care of, I did not last there for twenty-four hours, there was no medical follow-up or anything like that, I called again to my brothers, they thought I wanted to leave, it was not like that, at that moment, my brother spoke with a cousin who had his brother, in a center doing addiction treatment, they took me there, after two days of terrible abstinence, although cared for by nurses and therapists, what can I say, that was like being born again, a lot of people with the same problem, who understood me, advised me, taught me to recognize my impulses, it is hard, I am not going to sweeten it, very Hard, three months of admission and five years of treatment, thousands of hours of therapy, but it worked.

Almost five years have passed, I have not recovered everything, if the most important thing, my life, my son who now adores me, the family, a new relationship with a wonderful girl with whom I have my second child, a good relationship with my ex-wife. and his partner, a new, better life, without ties, without chains, dignified, with a future to write, I encourage anyone who recognizes himself in my story to take the step,

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