Mari Testimony

Hello, my name is María, I am an addict and I have recovered for 5 years

With 33 years almost 34 I entered a drug addiction centre, my life was a great disaster, with a separation behind me, with a daughter, a whirlwind of circumstances from which I could not get out, or at least that is what I thought, with two addicted brothers, desperate parents, and total chaos.
My escape route was to get high, to evade those problems, always controlling of course!!! Looking at the others and thinking: That one takes more drugs, I have no problem, I will not steal, or lose my dignity.
I didn’t think that I would have an addiction like a temple. Years of drinking went by until I had my son in a new relationship. After having him came complete chaos.
I thought that everything would change but … it was not like that, it was for the worse, my son almost died because he did not know how to react in time, I made life impossible for my husband, I hit him, cheated, steal, I tried to kill myself, I hit My children, on my knees begged my husband to buy me drugs, (I promise you that I am writing this and it makes my hair stand on end).
Thank God everything changed, I have recovered my life, my children, my husband, and above all myself. I love myself very much and being happy others are.
My recovery was not easy either, since my brother relapsed and I had to endure his contempt for me, see how life was destroyed again and a thousand other things, thanks to my therapist and colleagues I was able to handle it in the best way.

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