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Hello, my name is José, I am 27 years old, and I have been recovering for 10 months

I did not have a good childhood. My parents, focused on their business, neglected their children, and taught me nothing about life, nothing about values, my relationship with them deteriorated and my behaviour began to change.
Now I see that everything started there, and my disease had already developed.
My way of running away was football and the street. My parents’ business went bankrupt, and my father was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
My father was no longer the same, and I was no longer interested in my family since the relationship with my parents and my brothers was null.
We moved to another city, something that I did not understand, and I continued with football, but it was no longer the same.
I closed in on myself, I had a great emptiness, and I didn’t interact with anyone, until I started going to a disco.
I started with alcohol, only on weekends.
But I was increasing the dose of alcohol and was drinking more and more.
Drinking I opened up with people, I could relate to girls, and I had a good time.
I left football which was my passion because I liked more to go out, drink and girls.
So, from 18 to 21 years old I then started mixing with other people and I tried cocaine.
I was always using alcohol and cocaine and I never quit.
The jobs were bad for me since I failed and consumed in them, and I had to go because I was not holding on anywhere.
The girls didn’t last me more than a week because I used them for a purpose, to have sex and goodbye.
Drugs took the lead in my life, over my family, work, girls, friends and destroyed everything. I used every day.
Days without coming home, without sleeping, locked in an apartment because it was already a necessity.
I was having a hard time using but couldn’t quit, I was trapped and hit rock bottom.
I met my current girlfriend, and I went to live with her at my in-laws’ house.
I believed that she was my salvation and I stopped using for a few months.
She knew about my problem, but I started drinking alcohol again, first small amounts and one day a week, so she allowed me to drink.
We both rented an apartment, I found a good job, a good salary, and she got pregnant, and we were both very excited.
Everything was going well until the 5-month-old unborn child was in distress, and we had to abort.
It was a great stick, after the abortion I had left the job within two months, I collapsed.
I started drinking more, more and more.
My relationship with her deteriorated, it was an unhealthy relationship since I lied to her, manipulated her, and subjected her to drink with me.
I was doing it until I changed jobs, and a month after working I folded my working day and that was my last consumption.
I will pass out all day drinking and using cocaine and my girlfriend packed my suitcase.
I asked him for help, I started a treatment to recover.
At first, I did not understand anything, it was very hard, but now I see that it was the most important decision I have made in my life.
My first months were very hard, my head was shattered, but now I have been 10 months and it is a radical change.
To the point that I don’t recognize myself.
I am another who is beginning to discover myself, everything has changed, the relationship with my girlfriend is very good and everything is perfect.
I’m starting to have a relationship with my mother, which I never had.
I am happy to start my life from scratch and leave everything I was and learn to live with dignity.
Learn values ​​that I never had and grateful to everyone around me and myself.
To keep moving forward.

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