Tranquilizers and sleeping pills are medications that reduce anxiety by acting on the nervous system. These psychotropic medications are given to the patient by prescription and are effective in the short and long term. Problems arise when the person begins to self-medicate and increase the doses of medication to keep the anxiety from resurfacing. What slowly develops is an addiction to this type of medication.

The person who abuses these medications will be drowsy, slow to speak, unable to concentrate, uncoordinated and have a poor memory. This prevents them from performing well enough at work, they will underachieve in school or be unable to fulfill their social commitments, which will gradually impact their family relationships and finances.



Addiction to tranquilizers and sleeping pills has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Treatment includes not only detoxification from the tranquilizers, but also resolution of the underlying issues that led to their prescription.

Detoxification is relatively complex, must be done under strict professional supervision, and may require admission to a detoxification center.

Effective treatments are now available, both to avoid withdrawal symptoms and to treat the anxiety and depression that often underlie them. It is important to combine pharmacological treatment with individual and group psychotherapeutic support.

If you suspect that a family member or loved one is addicted, the most urgent thing to do is to obtain a professional diagnosis where advice is given on the type of treatment the patient should undergo. A personalized follow-up with high therapeutic intensity is always provided.

At “INICIA” ADDICTIONS TREATMENT, we will recommend the most appropriate solution in each case and advise the family and the patient on how to proceed.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals offers advice on the most effective way to address the problem at hand and to promote healthy habits that will help the patient make a full recovery.

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