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The worst thing about trying to summarize the life of a recovered addict is that the drug took away many things … among them memories. Briefly, my father was an alcoholic (he died of a heart attack at the age of 54); my uncle was a cocaine addict (died of a heart attack at age 50) and my brother was a multi-drug addict (died at age 28)
My name is Emilio, and I am addicted to any psychoactive substance (even those yet to be invented). I remember that when I accompanied my brother to his routine laboratory tests, I was already taking.
I was not realizing it, but I was unintentionally feeding and developing the same disease as many of my relatives (father, uncle, brother).
I have been in treatment for 40 months and I have not taken for 40 months (NOTHING EVER AGAIN !!). I owe it to many people, family, professionals, friends and to a wonderful 13-year-old son (today) who has given me strength in those moments of weakness … but to whom I owe it the most is myself.
I had an important managerial position in a multinational, a house, a woman, a child, a car, a motorcycle, money, etc. But what I possessed the most was that disease called addiction. In two years, I lost my job, I drank the corresponding compensation, I lost my wife and the custody of my son, and I snorted the economic part that was given to me to separate and thus be able to protect our son….
The rest are only material goods that naturally I also lost … so until 40 months ago I arrived at a centre where they explained to me what was happening to me FINALLY!!
TODAY: I have an unbeatable relationship with my ex-wife, I study as a therapist, my family supports and loves me, I actively participate in all the therapies I can, and I HAVE RECOVERED MY SON’S LOVE …
If you let yourself get help, you can get out … Two last comments … now my “obligation” has become to convince others that they have to recover (because the disease does not allow them to see it) and as they said to me a few years ago … Do not think … DO !!! and good luck to all!!!

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